Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Mommy, what are we having for dinner?"


"When we go to the pizza shop, can we go to the pet store. We should get a pet at the pet store. How about that? How about a bunny?"

"A bunny?

"Yeah. He can live in a cage and then we can take him out and play with him."

"Where will he poop?"


"But if he goes outside, he'll run away and go into the woods with the other bunnies."

"Nu-uh. We can open the door just a little bit and he can poop on the step and the wind can blow it away."

"I don't think that will work."

"Yeah-huh... or maybe a fish? We can put him in a tank. Fish don't poop."

"Honey, everybody poops."

"Fish poop in their tank?"


"How about 2 fish? Can I get 2 fish... PLEASE??"

"Maybe after we go on vacation." (I'm thinking either he'll forget, or he'll end up winning one at the fair this summer anyway)

"Are fish strong? (as he has his hands cupped together) Could they open my hand?"

"Well, fish are slippery. And you wouldn't hold them anyway."

"Well, I can just hold them quick and put them in their tank."

"If we get fish, they will be in a bag with water."

"Oh!! OK!!"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Huge Mess

My son and I went to Virginia Beach for the weekend and stopped at an Exxon in the middle of nowhere because he had to pee. We quickly ran inside, and I did notice that it was chilly - but it was cold outside, too. I also thought it smelled of stale beer, but didn't pay too much attention as my son was doing the potty dance!

After we got out of the bathroom, we decided to grab a snack. We walked down one of the 2 aisles in the place, only to realize that the corner of it was blocked off, the beer cooler door was smashed, there were broken bottles on the floor, and the walls had apparently been pushed in from the outside.

My son looks at the damage in front of him and says "Whoa! I did NOT make that mess!"

After we got outside, I looked over at the far right corner of the building, which was taped off with yellow caution tape. Cinder blocks were broken and the insulation from the beer coolers was exposed. Somebody must have missed their turn the night before!!

When we drove back through the next day, it was all covered up with plywood.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bee-ing Silly

On our way to pre-school yesterday, my son tells me that a classmate got stung by a bee. He then tells me that where the other boy got stung, it was all bumpy.

I asked him if he had ever gotten stung (to my knowledge, he has not). He told me that he had and that "it burned". So, I prodded for details.

"I was at the park and barefoot. A bee flew out of the ocean and said 'Mmm.... feet' and then he stung me!"

Apparently, bees like feet!!!!