Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My son ate a pretty good dinner - an entire manicotti, including the spinach, which is awesome for him. He barely gets out of the chair and asks for a snack. We tell him "Later".

About 10 minutes later he says "Can I have a snack now? [My dinner is] down in my legs!"

African Animals

We were watching “Equator: Challenge of Change” on the Science Channel. My son and husband both like to watch the animals – especially lions, “giraffeses”, and “ephalents”!

There were several amusing comments that my son made during the program. Here are some of them!

A cheetah was chasing a gazelle. After the narrator commented about the cheetah, my son exclaims, “Did he say ‘Cheet-ohs’?!?!”

A hunting party of lionesses chased down a wildebeest. While they were enjoying the spoils of their hunt, my son says, “That looks like chicken! Bloody chicken!”

After the kill, the male lion marked his territory around the perimeter. I was afraid when “He’s got the biggest [unintelligible]” was mumbled by my son. After asking him for clarification, he says “He’s got the biggest roar!”