Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lip Allergy

Have you ever had a lip allergy?

A what?

A lip allergy?

Are you asking if I'm allergic to lips?


Well then what is a lip allergy?

When you eat and can't let anything touch your lips.

Who has a lip allergy?


Well then how did you hear about it?

I didn't.  I just thought about it in my brain.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red Hair

We try to teach our children to be polite, but sometimes they just blurt things out - in his case, out of awe and admiration - without realizing they could have offended someone.  Such is the case this week while we were walking out of Target.  I think I made a pretty good recovery, and his response cracked me up!

A young woman, probably in her 20s, was walking out of the store in front of us.  Her hair was "two-tone", not outrageous and similar to this:

Mommy - that girl has red AND black hair!  I've never seen THAT before!

I know!  That's pretty cool, huh?


Mommy used to have red hair!  Did you know that?

Really?  I want red and GREEN hair!