Sunday, January 19, 2014

Boots and Cats and a Beefy Bison

My son has been sick, and maybe a little delusional!  Maybe we just watch Boots and Cats a little too often...

We were sitting on the couch Thursday night when he says he has a joke to tell us.

Knock knock

Who's there?

Erupting cow

Erupting cow...


Turns out he meant interrupting cow, but it was still funny!!  Maybe a beefy bison!?!  (If you don't get the reference, you haven't watched Boots and Cats yet...)


Later Thursday night, he woke up still running a fever and coughing terribly.  The poor kid laid on the floor of the bathroom, miserable.  I was trying to get him to sit up to take some cough medicine.  He was holding his head, obviously in pain.

Mommy!  It feels like there are cats trying to claw out of my head!

I know - not funny.  But I had to turn my head and look at my husband in the doorway who was trying not to laugh himself.

We finally got him to take the medicine - which he promptly threw up. :( 

After we got him changed into clean jammies my husband asked him if his head still hurt.  He said no, to which my husband replied "Guess you got the cat's out."


Friday morning, I debated which shoes to wear to work.  I opted for a pair of fuzzy slip-on boots, but had 2 pair of knee-high boots still in the entryway I had considered.  Apparently my son had never seen them before. 

Wow Dad!  Whose boots are these?


Wow - they must go up to her head!

My dear husband had to text me to let me know.  I almost died from laughter.  To boot, he then texted "I'm not the only one who notices your short stature."

Gee - thanks guys!  Love you too! :)

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